Pulaski Street School Prevention Education Program 2018-2019 6th Grade Lesson 3

Date: Thursday January 17

Time: 9:15am-11:50am

Location: Pulaski Street Elementary School, 300 Pulaski Street, Riverhead NY 11901

Early Morning Group 9:15-10:15; Late Morning Group 10:50-11:50

CAP 6TH Grade Lesson III: Tobacco, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems & Advertising

As you know, children are experimenting with tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) at younger and younger ages. Even before students actually try a cigarette or ENDS products, they are developing attitudes about smoking and vaping. Society and the media contribute to the development of positive attitudes about smoking and vaping. Children see other people around them and actors on television and in the movies smoking/vaping. Being children, they naturally wonder what they are missing.

Studies show that if people have not started smoking or vaping by the time they are twenty-one years old, they probably won’t start. In the past, prevention programs tried educating high school and middle school students about smoking. What they found was that, in many cases, they were too late. By the time the children got to middle and high school, even if they hadn’t tried cigarettes and/or ENDS products yet, they had already formed their attitudes about the products.

This lesson will help demystify tobacco and ENDS by helping students understand the risks involved in use. The “breathing through straws” activity simulates the physical effects of emphysema, a disorder that 9 out of 10 smokers develop. Finally, the advertising segment allows students to recognize false information and make healthy decisions.

CAP will provide parent letters and brochures outlining today’s lesson with resources for smoking cessation. Click here for the parent letter in English and here in Spanish. Click here for the full 2018-2019 6th Grade Schedule.

To teach students about the risks and consequences of using nicotine, tobacco and ENDS.

Students will:
1. Compare the different types of tobacco products
2. Review the immediate and long-term effects of smoking
3. Experience the difference between healthy lungs and those affected by emphysema
4. Critically analyze tobacco and ENDS advertisements

Stimulant Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)