Class of 2020 Healthy Choices Sticker Campaign


Riverhead Community Awareness Program, Inc. (CAP) is launching its Class of 2020 Healthy Choices Sticker Campaign. Summer is here, and CAP is encouraging graduates to celebrate safely and avoid the pitfalls of underage drinking and drug use.

Partnering with Business to Encourage Safe Celebrations

Last year, many local businesses participated in the campaign. They placed 2-inch stickers on deli sandwiches, take-out bags, coffee cups, and catering orders. The stickers are once again provided free to interested businesses.

Charlene Evers, owner of Meetinghouse Deli in Aquebogue, loved the sticker campaign. She said, “the stickers really catch the customer’s eye. They were really interested in the campaign and also liked what we were doing.”

This year’s sticker says, “Congratulations Class of 2020. Live Your Best Life: Celebrate Sober.” Any type of business can participate.

“Young people are inundated with media, advertisements, music, and messages that glamorize substance use and encourage risky behavior as well,” said Community Prevention Specialist, Cynthia Redmond. “We want to remind youth that they have the power to make healthy choices. Living a substance-free lifestyle will help them succeed.”

COPIng with Uncertain Times

Redmond added that “due to the COVID pandemic and uncertain times, young people might be turning to substances to cope with feelings of boredom and anxiety, as well as depression. Substance use can only compound these feelings. This pandemic has demonstrated the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and making safe choices.”

Through this campaign, CAP’s message to the Class of 2020 is that the Riverhead community supports their healthy choices.

ALcohol-Related Injuries and deaths

Each year, 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die from alcohol-related causes. In addition, more than 190,000 people under 21 visited emergency rooms for alcohol-related injuries. Alcohol is the drug most abused by teens. It also causes more deaths in young people under 21 than all illegal drugs combined. One-third of alcohol-related teen traffic fatalities occur between April and June. This is also peak prom and graduation season.

According to AAA, one in six teen drivers involved in fatal crashes during the summer tested positive for alcohol. In addition, over 700 people die each year in crashes involving teen drivers between Memorial Day and Labor Day. As a result, summer is often referred to as the 100 Deadliest Days for teens.

To participate in the Class of 2020 Sticker Campaign, contact Cynthia Redmond at to order free stickers.

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