Samantha Skunk Program

The Samantha Skunk Program is an interactive presentation targeting children in Pre-Kindergarten to 2nd grade. The program consists of 3 different presentations that all use the Samantha Skunk characters and format to present a positive message on health. These stories taught primarily at the pre-K through 2nd grade level. Each of the 3 lessons is normally taught by teens in brightly colored, full-body costumes, including the title role of Samantha the magenta skunk. Depending on which story is selected, the presentations deal with: Rx & medicine safety, smoking, or lung health & exercise.

Samantha Skunk has two levels of impact. The audience viewing the presentation gets a valuable message on health. In addition to that, the youth teaching the presentation get a great introduction to presenting to an audience and public speaking in a less-threatening environment. Because the audience is younger, inexperienced presenters are not as nervous. In addition, the text of the script is printed in large typeface on large plastic boards – positioned behind the audience – so that the youth presenters don’t have the pressure of needing to memorize lines. Instead they can concentrate on vocal delivery, body language, and the actual delivery of the presentation.